"There are not enough good things I can say about the Prime Time organization. In 7th grade I wanted nothing more than to play college lacrosse at the highest level possible. I came from an area not known for having good lacrosse and my family and I had no idea what steps to take to make my dream come true. From the moment I ended the Prime Time family I was met with unlimited support from the top to bottom. For years PT molded me towards coming a collegiate lacrosse player. I truly believe that without Prime Time I would not be in the position I am in day. I will always be grateful for the opportunities Nick Daniello and the Prime Time organization have given me."
- Joey Sessa
Yale Commit
"Nick has been incredibly helpful to me over the last five years. I have benefited greatly from the qualify of instruction form his staff, especially Coach Ryder Bohlander. My parents and I have leaned heavily on Nick for advice on college lacrosse programs and coaching staffs. There is no doubt he has helped open doors for me to play lacrosse at the next level."
- Gibson Smith
Defender Committed to Georgetown
- Prime Time
"Playing Prime Time is an experience I will never forget. It helped develop me as a player and a person. Every off season event I went too had specialized goalie coaches. Coming up through the program since 4th grade, I always looked up to all my coaches as they were great role models."
- Andrew Calabrese
Wilton CT and Navy Commitment
"The past 8 years of Prime Time have been the best years for me as a developing player. The coaching staff is great and you won’t find a coaching staff like Prime Time’s anywhere else. They have made me more than ready for my high school and collegiate careers and I owe a huge part of my success to everyone at Prime Time."
- Brian Calabrese
Wilton CT and Navy Commitment